New computers and old computers that needs any type of installations or upgrade, hardware or software, from upgrading your video driver, to installing more memory, to installing a new bigger hard drive and reinstalling your operating system and programs and much much more. Everything here applies to both desktops and laptops (notebooks).

New computers: Just got that brand new computer but your old one has all your data, network information, emails, photos, music and everything else you have there, I can help you move everything to the new computer and make the transition to a new computer as simple and quick as possible.


Upgrades: Have an old computer that you would still like to keep working with but it needs a little boost. There are a lot of ways to make a computer run faster and better, software and hardware upgrades will do the trick, I can help you figure out the best possible upgrade in terms of cost and performance.


Peripherals: New printer ? scanner ? all-in-one ? game pad ? speakers ? I can help you set it up, make it available to all users in case of a network, set priority list for the printer and more.



Handheld, Smartphones and Tablets: Let’s be honest, we cant live without them. Blackberry, Android, iPhone. Just got a new one ? great! I can help you set it up from the first start up to moving your contacts over to syncing to data, getting apps and introduce you to the wonderful world of smart phones. Sometimes however these great little gadgets can some time be a huge pain, emails not coming in, app not working right, cant find an app, exchange server wont sync and so on…