Preventive maintenance and system optimization:

Most people under estimate the importance of preventive maintenance, just because your computer is working perfectly right now doesn’t mean it will keep working perfectly in 6 months from now. Preventing maintenance is just your way to show your computer you care, like you do with your teeth, only different is, and I promise, there is no pain involved here. 🙂

Preventive maintenance is basically a clean up, removal of software that isn’t needed, temp and cache files that the operating system creates and hides in different locations, updates to the operating system and other software you have installed, drivers, hard drive optimization and more.

One (if not the worse) of the biggest computer enemies is dust – dust can and will shorten your computer’s life from few months to years, dust causes overheating which affects computer components performance and life span, part of the maintenance routine is opening the case and cleaning it up, from dust that’s just laying at the bottom of the case to the dust in the processor heat sink.