Tired of dealing with 10 different companies that provide some sort of IT solution to your office (printers, internet, specialized software, email provider….) ?

Let me deal with them, I’ll deal with Dell when a computer is having an issue or when you’re trying to order a new laptop, I’ll deal with Xerox when the office network copier is having problems, I’ll take care of Verizon when you want to upgrade your DSL line.

Not everyone “talk tech” and companies know it and use it, its no secret, its easy to convince someone who doesn’t have the technical knowledge that the internet is slow because of something he or she did. Let me deal with your providers for you so you don’t have to get frustrated when they bomb you with technical terms and offer no solution to your problem.

The idea of IT management is to allow you to deal with what you want and need to do without having to worry about calling a provider, and when you do need to, you just let me know and you can get back to work knowing it will be taken cared of.