First thing you need to know: I’m very easy to work with, very reasonable and most important honest, and I’d like to expect the same from you, I do the best possible work and provide the best possible support for my clients. I won’t be calling you everyday after issuing an invoice to inquire about a payment, nor do I want you to feel under pressure and run to your check book, I simply ask you to be fair.

Work options:

Hourly: Minimum charge of 1 hour and half hour intervals afterwards.

Contract: If you have a project coming your way and you feel a contract would work better then hourly (which is normally the case) please contact me and we can figure out the best plan for you.

Contract work can be paid in advance, during, or after the project is done, depending on the length of the project.

Monthly: Need a set amount of hours per month ? get them in bulk, in advance and of course at a lower price per hour (10 hours minimum).

Data recovery: Is per case and I will only be able to provide you with a quote after I’ve examined your specific drive.
Please note: There is no charge for data recovery unless a recovery was done and you got your data back – No diagnostic fee either for PC drives.