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How to embed images in Outlook 2013 signatures

Issue: Signatures sent will no longer have any images in them. Applies to: Outlook 2013. Background: If you have / had images in your email signature you probably noticed that Outlook 2013 cut them out and is not longer sending them. First thing you should know right away: This isn't a problem on your end, you haven't

PowerPoint 2010 slide bar delay / lags when scrolling

Symptom: Slides in the slide bar (left or right side) don't update automatically when scrolling. Applies to: PowerPoint 2010 (possibly 2013 as well) Happens when / after: When scrolling down or up the slides bar, the slides don't update, or takes a while to update, or, you have to click them to force an update. Solution: As

QuickBooks Pro 2013 Error 14006 87884 (1400687884) when creating new invoice.

Symptom: While trying to create  a new invoice, or sometimes customer in QuickBooks Pro 2013 the program crashes with error code 14006 87884. Applies to: QuickBooks Pro 2013 (possibly Premier and Enterprise versions as well - not tested). Happens when / after: Upgrading from earlier version of QuickBooks / Fresh install. Solution: Step 1: making sure this fix applies to

How to set Westell 7500 to bridge mode

Scenario: You got a Westell 7500 modem from Verizon DSL but already have your own router that you want to use. The following few steps explain how to make the Westell 7500 work in bridge mode. Note: If at any point you feel like something went wrong, the modem isn't responding.. anything at all - DON'T PANIC!

Word prints black sqaure where Excel sheet would be

Problem (Office 2010, Windows 7 Pro 64bit): When trying to print a Word document that contains Excel sheets in it the Excel sheets print out as black squares. Important: This fixed an issue where old word documents (2000-2003) didn’t print correctly after upgrading to office 2010, if this isn’t your case look for other solutions. The

Ask for help / how to’s

So you're trying to figure out how to get something done with your computer or gadgets ? Ask in the comments below and i'll do my best to help. Please note the following: - Anything asked here will be answered with a new post on the site - meaning it will be public and for anyone to see. -