6 thoughts on “Verizon FiOS router Actiontec MI424WR login

  1. I have the Gen3 version, which has extra security, so the password is on the label, similar to the serial number.

    This is a great little explanation, the only additional thing that was annoying was that I had to enter from: Without the “s” part of the https, the router acted normal but didn’t let me in! Once I added the s, I was prompted to accept a security key, and voila!
    (note that none of the verizon web sites point this out either).

  2. When I type the first letter or number in my pw at the pw login box.. 3 bullets come up as if I have pressed the key 3 times.. it Happens everytime I try to enter my pw

  3. Where is the serial number located on the router? I am typing every possible number I’m finding on the label and nothing is working

    • There should be a label on it with a bunch of numbers.
      The login password is the MAC address – unless changed.
      It’s case sensitive.

      If none work for you, you can call verizon’s support and ask for it, they will normally give it.

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