Backup: It’s impossible to explain how important backup is, never say or think “i don’t need a backup, my stuff is fine”, things happen, and backup is a pretty cheap solution to data recovery. Just for the sake of example: setting up an automatic backup on a windows 7 computer will cost you around $200 (drive included), recovering data from a hard drive that gone bad, in the “good” case of just a software failure, anywhere between $400 to $1500, in the bad case of mechanical failure you can be looking at few thousands dollars, I think its an easy choice.

Data recovery: Personal data is the only thing in the IT world that has no price tag on it, its priceless. There is something that is very important to mention and if you are looking to get your data back from a failed drive, or recovering something that was deleted by accident make sure to: NOT PERFORM ANY SORT OF NEW OPERATIONS WITH THE DRIVE. That includes: creating new files, downloading new files, moving files around, installing new programs – nothing, the less you do with a drive after you lost your information the more chances to recover what you lost.

I’m here for you to help with setting up the backup, make sure its running as planned, monitor it and in the unfortunate event of data loss, help you get it back.