Product recommendations, custom builds, desktops, laptops, printers, all-in-ones, smart phones, network devices, software and everything else you need in your technology world, I’ll help make sure you get the right brand for the right price within your budget.

Can’t decide which laptop will serve you better ? let me help, I’ll get all the things that are important to you (weight, size, speed, connectivity, price, etc) and find the best one out there for you.

Custom desktop PCs:
I’ve been building custom built PCs for over 15 years now, anything from the most basic office PC to a hexa core, crossfire, raid setup for maximum game performance. Tell me your needs, your budget and leave the rest to me.

Tell me what is the main use of the computer (office, web, games…), tell me your budget and leave the rest to me, you wont regret it.