Networks are everywhere, in anything, if we like it or not, most of us rely on the internet, and even if we can work without the internet for a couple hours we need our office network to work. I can help you design the best network setup to meet your needs, in office and at home, set you up with that wireless network so you don’t have to figure out how to run a cord from the living room to the bedroom when you want to sit on the bed and work on your laptop.

New network setup: Moved into a new apartment or office ? I can help you design the network that will serve you best, get you going with DSL, Cable, or even both. Pick the best solutions out there that will provide you with what you want and need without overspending.

Wireless setup: Having a wireless network in the office and / or home became almost as important as having an internet connection. Let me help you get the best solution for you. 400 sft. studio to a 9000 sft. office space or even bigger.

Gateways, VPN and remote control: Need to access the office when you’re away from the office ? no problem, I can help set you up so you can sit at home (or anywhere else) with your computer and virtually sit in front of your office computer with access to everything as if you were in the office right now.

There are many, many more network services and devices, way too many to list, if you need help figuring something about your network out, or setting up a new one contact me, I’ll be happy to help out.