How to set Westell 7500 to bridge mode

You got a Westell 7500 modem from Verizon DSL but already have your own router that you want to use.

The following few steps explain how to make the Westell 7500 work in bridge mode.

Note: If at any point you feel like something went wrong, the modem isn’t responding.. anything at all – DON’T PANIC! That’s what our little reset friend is for, just hold down the reset button for about 10 seconds, the modem will restart itself and you’re back to step 1.

How to set Verizon Westell 7500 to bridge mode:

First make sure everything is connected properly, your connection for the first part should look like this:
DSL line > Westell 7500 > Ethernet cable into your computer
(and of course power… apparently nothing works without power – go figure)

Part 1 – switching to bridge mode
1. Open your favorite browser and navigate to
2. Log in using your user name and password, if never changed the default is admin / password
3. Go to My Network > Network Connections (left menu)
4. Click on Broadband connection.
5. Click on the edit icon in the VC’s table (bottom table).
6. Set Protocol to Bridge.
7. Set Bridge mode to Bridge.
8. Hit apply to save changes.

Part 2 – Disabling wireless – optional but very recommended
1. Click Wireless network
2. Basic settings
3. Switch wireless network to Off
4. Apply

Part 3 – Disabling DHCP
1. Go to Network connections > Lan.
2. Uncheck Private lan (first option).
3. Apply.

You are now in bridge mode, the modem will restart and your computer will no longer get an IP from it, connect your router to the modem, set your IP address and you’re good to go.

As always, if you have any questions – fire away.

Westell 7500 customer guide – Verizon

8 thoughts on “How to set Westell 7500 to bridge mode

  1. It is not a must do, but since you’re turning off DHCP in the next step your wireless won’t work anyway – unless you assign a static IP to that computer, which isn’t very realistic for most wireless networks.

  2. The wireless will work and any wireless clients will get IP addresses from your bridged router if you add a second patch cord from an empty port on the 7500 to a LAN port on the router. This is assuming that the user followed your instructions above about disabling DHCP on the 7500.

  3. Hi, I have my pc in my attic, while the wireless router is on the main floor. I’d like to set up my main router and slave router, so the slave router (plugged into my pc via ethernet) will let my pc wirelessly connect to my main router downstairs, if that makes sense. HOW?!

    • Hi Brenden,

      Sorry for the long delay.
      Depending on the distance between the attic and the main floor, what you want is either a more powerful router (my personal preference), or a wifi extender that can work with your router.

      If you still need help, don’t hesitate to ask.


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