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So you’re trying to figure out how to get something done with your computer or gadgets ?

Ask in the comments below and i’ll do my best to help.

Please note the following:
– Anything asked here will be answered with a new post on the site – meaning it will be public and for anyone to see.
– If you need help with a private issue please email or call me, do not post it here.

4 thoughts on “Ask for help / how to’s

  1. When I reach step 5 below, EDIT is listed, but clicking on it neither selects or acts. Any suggestions?



    Part 1 – switching to bridge mode
    1. Open your favorite browser and navigate to
    2. Log in using your user name and password, if never changed the default is admin / password
    3. Go to My Network > Network Connections (left menu)
    4. Click on Broadband connection.
    5. Click on the edit icon in the VC’s table (bottom table).
    6. Set Protocol to Bridge.
    7. Set Bridge mode to Bridge.
    8. Hit apply to save changes.

    • Hello Robert,

      Sorry for the long delay, your comment got caught in the spam filter for some reason.
      Can you post a sceenshot of what you’re seeing ?
      How old is your modem ?


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